Uplift and Rejuvenate: Rediscover Youth with Threads

Combat sagging skin with Threads: Charlotte North Carolina's non-surgical facelift. Elevate your features today and enjoy a naturally youthful countenance.
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Sarah is AMAZING!!!She is excellent at her job and DOES NOT push anything on you.She gives a knowledgeable and thorough explanation of whatever is asked.

Melanie Dileo

Sarah is amazing. I have been a customer of hers for years. I cannot recommend her services enough. I have tried others, but none have her eye for perfection. Her profession takes an artistic ability that not all providers have. She listens to your concerns and always achieves the results I am looking for.

Joneah Johnson

Sarah makes you incredibly comfortable as she looks at your skin and recommends what services you need.  My main concern was to slow down the aging process, look brighter and less tired but still look like me! Mission accomplished!

Martha Stewart

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers, and we’re ready to help you find your perfect health and beauty solutions.

How long do the results from Threads last?

The rejuvenating effects of Threads are designed to be long-lasting, with many Charlotte North Carolina clients experiencing benefits for up to 1-2 years. As Threads stimulate natural collagen production, the results evolve, ensuring sustained youthfulness. Periodic treatments at our Charlotte North Carolina medspa can extend and enhance these outcomes.

Is the Threads procedure painful?

At our Charlotte North Carolina medspa, patient comfort is paramount. While the Threads procedure involves inserting threads under the skin, it's done using local anesthesia. Most clients report minimal discomfort and liken the sensation to a mild tug or pull. Post-procedure, there might be slight soreness, but it's typically manageable and short-lived.

Will there be any visible scars from the Threads treatment?

One of the advantages of the Threads treatment at our Charlotte North Carolina medspa is its non-surgical nature, ensuring minimal invasiveness. The procedure uses fine threads and tiny entry points, which means scarring is typically negligible. Any minute marks or redness usually fade quickly, leaving you with rejuvenated, uplifted skin.

Can Threads be combined with other aesthetic treatments?

Absolutely! Threads can be paired with other treatments for comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Many Charlotte North Carolina clients combine Threads with fillers, Botox, or other treatments available at our medspa, creating a holistic approach to beauty. During your consultation, we'll discuss the best combination to meet your aesthetic goals.


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Combat sagging skin with Threads: Charlotte North Carolina's non-surgical facelift. Elevate your features today and enjoy a naturally youthful countenance.
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