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We value your individuality and focus on refining, not redefining, your look. Our expert treatments are tailored to celebrate your uniqueness, It's beauty, the natural way.

When you introduce a friend to our medspa treatments, both of you receive a 10% discount. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading the word and trusting us with your aesthetic journey. Refresh, rejuvenate, and revel in the joy of shared transformation, all while enjoying a special discount. Here in Charlotte North Carolina beauty is better together. Schedule your appointments and let the transformation begin!


From Subtle to Striking: Explore Our Range of Specialized Treatments Tailored to Your Unique Look.

At Smooth Aesthetics in Charlotte North Carolina, our precision-focused dermal fillers enhance without exaggerating, letting your authentic beauty take center stage.
Facing the inevitable signs of aging with lines and wrinkles? Botox, Charlotte North Carolina's sought-after solution, effectively softens these age markers by relaxing targeted facial muscles. Revel in renewed confidence with smoother skin and a rejuvenated appearance that still feels unmistakably you.
Combat sagging skin with Threads: Charlotte North Carolina's non-surgical facelift. Elevate your features today and enjoy a naturally youthful countenance.
Regenerative Medicine
Facing age-related volume loss? Sculptra Aesthetics at our Charlotte North Carolina medspa offers a collagen-boosting solution, revealing a fuller, youthful complexion that stands the test of time.



As an aesthetic injector for over 5 years, Sarah specializes in creating harmony between the features of your face to give you the most natural look. She would rather subtly treat you 10 times than overdo it once!

Sarah’s patients are her top priority, and she spends an immense amount of time learning new techniques to bring you the best results. She is an artist at heart, and each patient brings a unique new canvas to create a work of art.

She is a nationally recognized trainer and speaker, spending time teaching other injectors proper techniques and assessment skills. Sarah enjoys spending time with other injectors because it helps to grow the industry as a whole so that you, the patient, get the very best results possible!

What our patients say about us

Sarah is AMAZING!!!She is excellent at her job and DOES NOT push anything on you.She gives a knowledgeable and thorough explanation of whatever is asked.

Melanie Dileo

Sarah makes you incredibly comfortable as she looks at your skin and recommends what services you need.  My main concern was to slow down the aging process, look brighter and less tired but still look like me! Mission accomplished!

Martha Stewart

The most patient and talented…I’m a nervous patient and Sarah takes her time and makes sure I’m ok throughout the entire process ! And the results are always perfect!

Dallas Cockrell